Ideas are great, once they become reality.

Over the years the team of Toptainment Tools had the opportunity to implement many of their ideas. Some of those found their way into our portfolio of standard products.


Here presented are two of our most precious and fun entertainment tools. We happy to inform you in person about more products that might fit your business or events.


Toptainment Money Shower

In a glass cabin, your guests try to catch and collect money, vouchers or other individualized bills. The bills are whirled around in the cabin by a wind current, with the candidate only using his hands while having limited moving space. A challenge that should not be underestimated.

Toptainment Soccer Speed Kick

Toptainment Speed Kick challenges your guests to show their skill and become a soccer star in almost every location.  With precise velocity management and stable iron grids this soccer cages guarantees fun, sports and movement . For more details please contact us.

Toptainment Strong Box

Toptainment Strong Box is an elegant, transparent safe that only opens to the guest with the right magnetic card. The winnings, number of cards and odds can be varied, thus opening up numerous possible uses.

Please contact us for more details.

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