Toptainment Money Shower

Already in 1996, inspired by a TV show, the idea for today's Toptainment Money Shower was born.


In a glass cabin, candidates try to catch and collect money, vouchers or other individualized bills. The bills are whirled around in the cabin by a wind current, with the candidate only using his hands while not being able to move from the location. This sounds easier than it is and is exciting not only for the candidate in the cabin, but also for the audience the opportunity is offered to actively follow everything.


However, to make this unique event idea accessible to multiple event locations the shower needed some technical adjustments. It had to become portable and compact, but at the same time meet all quality standards for our top customers and partners.


Not only the design was decisive, but of course the wind flow in the cabin, so that the bills are optimally distributed and whirled up. Furthermore, it was to be ensured that the box meets all safety regulationsand does not present any risk of injury.


Based on these basic criteria, the blueprint for the first Toptainment Money Shower was created, which has been improved and optimized over the years by the expert team of Toptainment tools.


Today's Toptainment Money Showers are the result of years of expertise and not only meets the strict requirements of the TÜV but also impresses with its design, which we like to customize for our customers individually.

For more information about design options, price and technical details, please contact us at any time.

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