About Us

The Idea

There are event locations and there is THE event Location.

More than 30 years of experience in the entertainment sector taught us everything about the fine the line between top entertainments and flops.


Based on many insights and ongoing discussions of what could be done better to make events even more attractive and enjoyable to all guests, led to the central idea of the company:

"Toptainment Tools provides you with everything necessary to turn your place into a special one - full of suprises and high-end entertainment."


Today, we see ourselves as initiators, creators and inventors of new ways to add additional flavour to events, event location and every other place where people lust for entertainment. 


The Team

People are Events, People make Events.

To meet all demands of this challenging and everchanging sector, a team of creative entrepreneurs head all activities of Toptainment Tools.


The core team, located in Upper Austria, consists of Paul Hauser – the founder and the creative head of Toptainment Tools sourrounded by a crowd of engineers, who bring ideas alive and always find a way to make things work. Paul is also the founder and CEO of APM (Action Promotion Management) a leading provider of entertainment modules in Central Europe.


But since great ideas need many hands to grow, the core team is supported by many other enthusiasts spread around Europe, which providing a pipeline filled with fresh concepts and creativity.



Toptainment Tools  - An APM GmbH Brand | info@toptainment-tools.com